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I ain't no fucking celebrity. I ain't no fanny. I ain't no dickhead, man. I'm a rockstar, & I don't fucking arse about.

what's a magneto

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20 10 2014

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x men days of future past is literally a movie about a couple who got divorced and one of them took the kid. then they try get back together for the sake of the kid.

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19 10 2014



Noel (about Acquiesce): The lyrics are quite cool: “We need each other, we believe in one another.”
Liam: They’re quite comple…comp…complem…
Noel: (posh voice) Complementary!

TOP OF THE POPS special ~ (x)

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19 10 2014

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19 10 2014

#ok i need this on my main blog bc L I A M N a

Liam today (apparently), 16/10/14 X

Liam today (apparently), 16/10/14 X

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19 10 2014

#is 'hi i want to give you my money' too off-putting or........

"idk how i’m supposed to rent an apartment from you if you never email or phone me back" - me to EVERY PLACE EVER COME ON WHAT AM I DOING WRONG

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19 10 2014

#i am baby master tbh tho #this weekend: one in each arm and got them both to fall asleep

if you think carrying babies around doesn’t tone ur muscles THINK AGAIN, I AM SO STRONG OKAY